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Who we are ?

We are Karmachari Sanchaya Kosh (KSK), Employees Provident Fund (EPF) in English, established under Employees Provident Fund Act, 2019. We manage Provident Fund (PF) in Nepal on behalf of the Government of Nepal (GoN) for government, public enterprises and private sector employees. We have been entrusted to manage Contributory Pension Scheme for the employees of Federal GoN and other public sector employees to be appointed from Fiscal Year 2076/77 as per the Pension Fund Act, 2075. Our relationship with GoN is routed through Ministry of Finance. 

According to Income Tax Act, 2058, EPF is an approved retirement fund that allows annual income deduction benefit on contribution by member to his/her PF and Pension Fund account and special tax benefit privilege at the time of repayment of PF after retirement.

We also provide some social security benefits to our contributors, viz medical treatment expenses reimbursement, maternity and child care benefit, funeral grant etc.

Our History

History of Provident Fund (PF), in Nepal, dates back to 1934 AD when the PF scheme came into existence for army personnel formally as named Sainik Drabya Kosh (Army Provident Fund). The scheme operation was intended to remove immediate financial destitution to the army personnel on their retirement. Under the scheme, the army staff members were required to contribute certain percentage of monthly salary to their PF account repayable after retirement. A decade later in 1944, similar scheme was also initiated for civil service employees working at Kathmandu valley (the capital city of the country) named as Nijamati (Civil) Provident Fund. In the year 1948 the coverage of the scheme was extended to all the civil servants working throughout the country. In 1959, Employees Provident Fund Department was formed under the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs of GoN to manage both Sainik Drabya Kosh and Nijamati Provident Fund and the coverage was also extended to police service. 

Three years after the establishment of Employees Provident Fund Department, "Employees Provident Fund Act, 1962" was enacted and accordingly EPF, as an autonomous body to manage provident fund, was formally incorporated on 16th September 1962 (BS 2019 Bhadra 31).

Contributing Members

Government employees and employees from state owned institutions attain automatic membership to EPF. These include personnel from the civil servants, army, police, state owned corporations, and government school /colleges/universities. 

There are around 25,000 offices, as employer organizations, with about 628,000 employees as members regularly contributing to PF. Under recently introduced contributory pension scheme about 500 government offices have joined with us to maintain contributory pension fund of their newly appointed employees of around 14,400.

Contribution Rates

The rate of PF contribution for all employees is 10% of monthly salary and equal amount by the employer's side. Hence, 20% of basic salary is credited in member's PF account as monthly contribution. The prevailing contribution rate was initiated from the year 1971/72. Initially the rate was Rs. 2 to 475 based on their salary for member's contribution and additional amount of 10% of member's contribution from government's side. In the year 1967/68 the rate was increased to 10% of their salary for member's contribution and the addition contribution from government's side was also revised as 50% for below officer level employee member and 25 % for officer level employee member.

The rate of Pension Fund contribution for employee is 6% of monthly salary and equal amount by the employer's side.


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